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Maths Passports - Information for Parents

Information for Parents - Maths Passport Overview

Each child is given a passport with a series of targets organised to develop their mental maths skills and recall, moving them around the world and then beyond. These targets become progressively more challenging as they progress through.



Stage 0

Travel Bag

Stage 1

Channel Islands

Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7

North America

Stage 8

South America

Stage 9



Children receive:

·        A Maths Passport

·        Certificates of achievement for each passport achieved - to be awarded in celebration assemblies

·        'Next step targets' printed on reverse side of the certificate

Parents receive:

·        An overview of the Maths Passport system (via the website)

·        'Frequently Asked Questions' sheet

·        How to Help Your Child guidance sheets for each level

·        Regular feedback with regards to their child's progress

Passport Process:

1.     All children will be assessed to identify their attainment level and will then progress through the passports at their own pace.

2.     As appropriate, Reception pupils will start on the Travel Bag Activities.

3.     The passport targets are incorporated into the oral/mental starters in daily Maths lessons as well as at other times of the day (and possibly additional sessions for pupils who are behind.

4.     Targets are assessed at regular intervals by completing a timed task.

- Up to 2 strands of a passport will be tested each week.

- There should be a period of at least 2 weeks between assessments focusing on the same target.

- 1 mixed test to be completed accurately by the teacher before moving on to the next passport.

5.     Pupils do not need to complete the targets in order on each individual Maths Passport.

6.     When children demonstrate the required standard (e.g. completing the task in 30 seconds or under with ALL answers correct) they have their passport stamped.

7.     Two stamps next to a target indicates that the target has been achieved.

8.     Children continue to practice and be assessed on the remaining targets until all of the targets for a place have been achieved. When they have successfully completed the Mixed Test, they move on to the next passport with a new set of targets.

9.     By using a tracking grid, the passports will enable clear tracking of progression in basic number skills.

Rewarding Success

For Reception, Year 1, and Year 2 pupils... Passport 'travel bags' are used and continued where appropriate. Pupils collect items for their travel bag.

For Key Stage 2, Passport Success is rewarded with Housepoints. When an objective is COMPLETELY achieved a Housepoint is given.