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Online Activities to support Maths Learning

Try the links below to access various online activities that will support your children's learning. To help keep these links current, please let us know if a link no longer works, or if you have found sites that would be worth sharing with our school community. We will endeavour to develop this part of our site to provide a more comprehensive resource.

Mathletics - Don't forget weekly Mathletics homework. 

Other Schools

Many other schools also use Maths Passports. Although each school has organised their passports slightly differently, there are many excellent activities to help support your children's learning. The following links take you to schools that have particularly good resources available. 

St Pauls Primary School 

Longfield Primary School

The following links are all to specific target games. Please note many games still require Flash and so do not work on an iPhone/iPad. 

Lots of the Targets...

Hit The Button

Make it Balance

Count up to 5 objects... 10 objects...

Counting with Lecky

To count reliably with numbers from 1 - 20

Five Frame

Junping Chicks

New Duck Shoot

Number Balloons

To place numbers in order (extends up to 100 and then decimals)SAS Number Sort
Counting in steps of 2,5,10, and 100

Counting in 2s

Spooky 5s Sequences

Whack a Mole

Caterpillar Fun

Matching groups of objects with numerals to 10

Fish Tank        Choose Fish Tank

Order numbers to 20

Caterpillar Ordering 

1 more and 1 less up to 20

Mucky Monsters

Know by Heart all the Number Pairs to 10

Save the Whale

Number Bonds to 10

Make 10 Attack

Add 2 Dice

Know by heart all the number bonds to 20

Number bond fun to 20 - Funky Mummy

More fun with number bonds to 20

Partition 2 digit numbers

Partition 2 digit numbers

Dinosaur partitioning

Add and subtract 1 digit and 2 digit numbers

Cross the Swamp

Add the Spinners


Post a Letter

Double any 2 digit number

Bridge Double (Easy)

Double the Number (Harder)

Halve any 2 digit number

Halve the Number

Number Bond

Part Part Whole

Number Bond Pairs

Know by heart all number bonds that total 50

Number Bond Pairs

Funky Mummy

Top Marks Addition

Know by heart all doubles and halves of numbers to ...

Halves to 20

Doubles and Halves to

Know by heart all multiplication facts up to 12x12

Penguin Jump

Monster Multiplication

Learn Your Tables

Table Mountain

Aquatic Speedway

Spitfire UFO

3xMultiplication Game

4xMultiplication Game

Candy Capers

Top Marks Multiplication

Division Facts

Math Magician

Division Divers

 Number games -Division

Use multiplication facts to multiply pairs of multiples of 10 and 100

Pumpkin Multiples

Snow Ball Fight

Knight and Princess

Add 2&3 digits mentallyAdd like Mad (KS2)
Subtract 2-digit numbers mentally

Peabody the Penguin

now by heart all number bonds that total 1000

What makes a 1000

What makes a thousand (Game 2)

Square Numbers

Number Cop

Square Numbers Game


Xfactor 12

Factors Millionaire

Dick&Dom - Factors and Multiples

Factor Feeder

Prime Factoring