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Maths Passports - Frequently Asked Questions

Maths Passports - Frequently Asked Questions - Parents

How best can I support my child?

Spend time with your child - little and often - working on the targets from their passport. Use a range of activities to help keep their interest. Lots of advice can be found on our website.  

Where can I do the passport activities with my child? 
Anywhere! In the car, out and about, at the supermarket, at home... Most activities can be done through talking with your child.

How often? 
Daily for the best results.

How long should we spend? 
Around 10 minutes will do. Don't overdo it, as your child may 'switch off'.

My child is not being moved on at school. Why not? 
Children will be tested weekly on two of their targets. These targets will not be tested again until two weeks later. If you are concerned please speak to your child's class teacher.

Why don't you test straight after a practice? 
We need to know that the children will remember each target forever!

My child says he was tested and got them all right, but is still working on this target. Why? 
We will test until they have passed the target twice. When all targets have been achieved the teacher will carry out a mixed test. The passport will then be 'signed off'. It may be that the teacher is reinforcing a concept with the whole class or a group.

How many targets should I work on at once? 
This is your choice. You can work on one target or several from the same passport.

Why isn't my child writing much down during the activities? 
Children need to learn these targets mentally. Writing them down may slow their progress. They will remember them better if this has been done through talk and playing games.

What does the test look like?
The children will be tested in a variety of ways. It may be that a child sits with an adult and demonstrates with objects or says the answers, it may be that a group or whole class will be tested at the same time.

It is important to remember that we are looking for instant recall. Most of the tests will be timed.

How does my child move to the next passport? 
Once all their targets have been signed off, they will do a mixed test of all their passport targets.
This will ensure that they have REALLY learnt them by heart!