The Arts

A source of inspiration, enjoyment and fulfilment

The arts are a source of inspiration, enjoyment and fulfilment. They provide contexts in which children and young people learn to express their thoughts and emotions, use their imagination, experiment and develop creativity.

This area of learning makes a key contribution to learners’ personal, social and emotional development and to their growth as confident individuals. It enables them to participate in and respond to the creative and cultural life of their communities. Working as artists and designers they are encouraged to develop their own voice and to actively collaborate in order to communicate with different audiences through a variety of media and contexts. Participating in a range of art forms – including art and design, drama, music and dance – helps learners become responsive, critical and appreciative. They discover the value of discipline and practice and, in responding to the work of others, they gain insights into different viewpoints, identities, traditions and cultures.

Learners should build secure knowledge of the following:

a. how creative ideas can be developed in response to different stimuli and imaginative thinking

b. how different art forms communicate and evoke moods, thoughts and ideas

c. that designing, creating and performing require discipline, control, technique and practice

d. how and why people from different times and cultures have used the arts to express ideas and communicate meaning

e. that accepted forms and conventions can give structure and purpose to artistic works but can be adapted and changed

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