Understanding English Communication & Languages

English, communication and languages lie at the heart of our capacity to imagine, think, create and make a crucial contribution to learners’ development as well-rounded individuals.

Their developing use of language underpins learners’ achievement across the curriculum and lays the foundations for active involvement in cultural life, society, work and lifelong learning. English helps learners to develop their imagination, see the world through the eyes of others, and read and write for pleasure.

Children and young people learn to communicate effectively in a range of media. They become increasingly fluent and accurate in expressing their thoughts and emotions, orally and in writing. They become more skilled in generating ideas, solving problems and thinking critically and creatively. Creating and responding to all kinds of texts, including those which combine words, images and sounds, offers access to the world of knowledge and imagination and generates lasting enthusiasm and enjoyment. Language and communication opens up many possibilities enabling learners to engage with different cultures and societies, further developing their understanding of how languages work.


Learners should build secure knowledge of the following:

  • How language is used to express, explore and share information, ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • The power of language and communication to engage people and influence their ideas and actions
  • How language works: its structures and conventions, variations in use and changes over time


Learning and using languages enables learners to engage and identify with different cultures and societies and to develop their understanding of how languages work.

Learners should build secure knowledge of the following:

  • How languages work: their structures and conventions, variations in use, and changes over time
  • How languages, literature and the media enable different ways of thinking and give access to ideas and experiences from different cultures and historical periods
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