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Forest Choir March 23

Miss Melding and the Choir have been very busy this month!

Guernsey Eisteddfod 2023

Miss Melding and the choir rehearsed incredibly hard for their performance in the Guernsey Eisteddfod this term. In the week leading up to it, they showed so much commitment by rehearsing every day!  All that hard work paid off when they were awarded 85 points which mean they placed joint 2nd.  Their performance of ‘Dang-a-Rang-a-Dang-Do!’ was described by the adjudicators as “great fun” with “crisp rhythms”.  They followed this with “Colours of the Wind” and the adjudicators commented that the “empassioned dynamics complementing the lyrics nicely.  Well-focused work”.  Huge congratulations to Miss Melding and the choir!

Guernsey Primary Schools Choral Event - 'Brilliant the Dinosaur'

We are incredibly proud of Miss Melding and the choir who, having worked so hard for the Eisteddfod, then took part in this Island Primary Schools choral event.  They joined three other primary schools and spent three hours learning and rehearsing this humorous story based on the exciting discovery of a female diplodocus in a small and boring coastal town.  The day culminated in a funny and very enjoyable evening performance of ‘Brilliant the Dinosaur’.  Well done to everyone involved.