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House System

About our House System


The names of our houses were chosen by our school community several years ago. They were chosen as they are local beaches and they were places where our families frequently visited.

They are: Cobo (red), Petit Bot (green), Portelet (yellow), Vazon (blue).

Each child is placed in one of the four houses when they join the school. Siblings are in the same house.

Children earn house points for effort and achievement in learning. They are totalled each week and averaged so that no house is at an advantage for having more or less children. 

The winning house is awarded the house cup at the end of each term and receives a small treat to celebrate their success.   

Our House Captains

Cobo: Maisy O and Piper B

Petit Bot: Kody D and Tasmin B

Portelet: Calum B and Oliver P

Vazon: Lola H and Cameron H

House Captains