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Rights Respecting School: GOLD

Forest gets GOLD

RRSA result

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Forest gets GOLD

Our 2023 - 2024 Rights Champions

Y2: Charlie and Arabella

Y3: Zachary and Freya

Y4: Jas and George

Y5: Everly and Isabelle

Y6: Indi, Phoebe and Tommy

In January 2021 Forest Primary School, along with Le Rondin School, met the standard for Unicef UK's Rights Respecting School Award at Silver: Rights Aware.

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We were assessed and successfully accredited in the three strands:

TEACHING AND LEARNING ABOUT RIGHTS: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is made known to children, young people and adults, who use this shared understanding to work for improved child wellbeing, school improvement, global justice and sustainable living. 

TEACHING AND LEARNING THROUGH RIGHTS – ETHOS AND RELATIONSHIPS: Actions and decisions affecting children are rooted in, reviewed and resolved through rights. Children, young people and adults collaborate to develop and maintain a school community based on equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation; this includes learning and teaching in a way that respects the rights of both educators and learners and promotes wellbeing. 

TEACHING AND LEARNING FOR RIGHTS – PARTICIPATION, EMPOWERMENT AND ACTION: Children are empowered to enjoy and exercise their rights and to promote the rights of others locally and globally. Duty bearers are accountable for ensuring that children experience their rights. 

Highlights from our Accreditation Report:

  • Both schools have an inclusive, tolerant and nurturing environment
  • There is a culture of collaboration between the schools with good examples of peer support between students from both schools
  • All children are supported to communicate, have their voice heard and play an active part in school life whatever their needs
  • Children’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing is a priority
  • Children confidently described how school ensured they enjoyed their rights such as the right to be safe, healthy and to have an education
  • Children spoke about using the rights of the children in resolution of conflict, with an emphasis on listening to other children and their side of the story
  • Children value their education and support each other to learn. Children make decisions in their learning and described how they are encouraged to evaluate the level of their skill